Insight Out

Vera Marijt released her debut album 'Insight Out' in July, 2015. It consists of original music as well as her arrangements of Jazz standards, and reflects the story of her experiences the past year in Montréal.

Vera's style can best be described as traditional bebop/swing, mixed with modern influences.


  • Vera Marijt - piano
  • Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass
  • Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums
  • Benjamin Deschamps - alto sax (track 5 and 7)
  • Steven Willem Zwanink - bass (track 8)
  • Robbert Jan van Straalen - drums (track 8)

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  1. Beautiful Love - V. Young/Arr. by V. Marijt
  2. Remember - V. Marijt
  3. Mister And Mississauga - V. Marijt
  4. Homage/Danny Boy - V. Marijt/F. Weatherly
  5. Cheeriokee - V. Marijt
  6. You Look Familiar - V. Marijt
  7. La Tempête de Neige - V. Marijt
  8. Toys - H. Hancock


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